Do You Journal?

I am sure you have heard about all the benefits of a journal. Here is what most will not tell you. Staring at a blank piece of paper can be intimidating. Sometimes the hardest part is starting and MOST of the time we have to know the starting point and ending point.

I challenge you to not have any expectations when using a journal, but I also found a great resource that gives you some guidelines to follow.

The Five Minute Journal is just that. Spending five minutes a day can really create some positive changes in a short amount of time. So the excuse of, “I don’t have time” just got thrown out of the window.

And now they have it on a APP!

Each morning you spend a few minutes creating your day and a few minutes at night recapping it. SIMPLE!

What I found is I started looking for things that made my day great. It put me in gratitude more often and we can all use some more of that in our lives. Reminds of the little things and how we can CHOOSE to create a good day or a bad day.

Try it out and discover about all things good when it comes to using a journal and living a life in gratitude.

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