Attitude of Gratitude

Got to have an attitude of gratitude. Everything in your life is GREAT if that is what you think.

If you are like me, just typing this makes me a uneasy.


If someone if telling you that EVERYTHING in their life is peachy, I would run as far away from them as possible.

Either they have set their expectations way to low or they are painting a false picture of the truth.

It is true that when you are in the act of gratitude, you are in a better mental frame of mind. Sometimes it is easy to get there and others times it seems impossible.

Lets focus on the impossible because that is where the magic lies.

Next time you are in one of the moments, give some gratitude to it. I know, its hard, but you have the CHOICE to turn that moment into something a little more tolerable or less sucky. Do that over time and you will find yourself having less moments in that negative space.

Spend 5 minutes thinking or writing about the things you are grateful for. They can be as simple as the air you breathe or theĀ  opportunity to live another day.

Key is to CHOOSE how you go about your day and not fall victim to circumstances.

Go get em!

Until Next Time,


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